Friday, May 23, 2008


It’s still raining… and it’s cold, so my homecoming outfit may not work. It’s in the 50’s. Brrrr.

AND to top it off, my home phone doesn’t work. Thanks to Time Warner and their wonderful customer service. Remember this issue? I am still trying to resolve it. I called earlier in the week and thought that it had finally been resolved… but no, they just changed my phone number to something else and then disconnected the line a few days later.

Déjà vu from this problem last year.

What the hell is wrong with that company?!

Luckily, Stuntman was able to reach me and tell me his estimated arrival time. My cell phone does not receive calls here because I’m just below but out of sight of the towers. He left me a message.
I don't know how other units work, but there was no notification from the actual unit or FRG regarding the homecoming, just the soldier calling home to the family to notify. At the FRG meeting over a month ago, they did say it would be in late May, but that's about it.


A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Time Warner is Run by Satan....and it's affilate corporation Satan Inc...which also has AT&T wireless under it's umbrella which was formally known as Cingular Wireless which was At&T AND Cingular, two separate wireless companies when I returned from Europe before I has issues with SATAN and all his entity companies.....I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

AND....I also feel your pain on the FRG issue.... I'm glad your husband was able to leave you a message....

Enjoy your reunion even with the issues you are dealing with, I'm so glad he's coming home soon.

Susan said...

If it wasn't such a wonderfully great day, I would have probably screamed obscenities to TW earlier... but I didn't... boy, are they lucky that I'm in a good mood today :)
SW... at least this way no one will call and bug us during the reunion :)

Butterfly Wife said...

Can I start jumping up and down with excitement now?!?!? Huh? Can I? Can I? Oh Yay!!! I am so excited!!! :D :D :D :D

I can't wait to read your post that says, yep, he's home!

Buck said...

What the hell is wrong with that company?!

God Only Knows, but I think ASW is on the right track. Being incommunicado at this particular point in time has just GOT to suck. I hope things get fixed up soon, including your WX.

But Hey! The end is in sight!! And that's a Great Good Thing, phone and WX issues aside.

Whennrome said...

We definitely didn't have that problem with the FRG when the whole unit was coming home. They were actually excellent with informing us. It sucks they didn't do their job. I'm glad he was able to contact you though.