Monday, May 26, 2008


I had not heard of the Moment of remembrance, I guess I'm out of the loop a bit, but unlike 72% of Americans, I DO know what Memorial Day stands for, and always have.

The idea for the Moment was born when children touring the Nation’s Capital were asked by the Commission’s Director what Memorial Day means. They responded, “That’s the day the pool opens.” A Gallup Poll revealed that only 28% of Americans know the meaning of this noble holiday.

The White House Commission on Remembrance was established by Congress (PL 106-579) to promote the values of Memorial Day by acts of remembrance throughout the year. The major initiative of the Commission is the National Moment of Remembrance.

h/t to Buck

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Buck said...

Thanks for the link, Susan. Your googling skillz are waay madder than mine. Dunno how I missed this year's poster, but I DID. And I looked, too.