Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Always on my mind...

A Walmart trip with the kidlets.
To the post office, a package sent to Daddy.
E2 didn't want to send anything to Daddy, he was suppose to "come home to share it with her!"
Picked up a few Girl Scout patches at the council shop.
Lunch at a friends house, the kids played nicely.
McDonalds ice cream cones on the drive home, chocolate dipped for the girls, plain vanilla for me.
The baby sleeping on the way home, snoring behind me...the rest of the car is quiet due to good ice cream and tweety bird on the DVD.
I'm terrified that there will be a government car in the driveway as I drive up the hill.
Haven't spoken with my honey since I knew he went out on a mission... it's really late there now.
No car...a breath taken.
Hubby calls a few hours later, all is goes on...

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