Thursday, July 26, 2007

I was doing just fine!

Tonight, I was working upstairs in my office. I’m up there late almost every night. My ears hear a familiar sound, the sound of my Hubby’s car driving up the driveway. I’ve heard this sound countless times while working. His car has a unique sound and so often he works late and I hear his car, look out the window, and he’s home. For a brief moment, I forget that he’s in Iraq. My stomach has the same butterflies it always gets when he comes home from work. When I come home in the middle of the day, see his car, and realize that he’s home early, I have the same butterflies. He still makes me weak in the knees.
Well, tonight was different. My ears played tricks on me. His car is still parked in the same spot. No one drove up the driveway.
I broke down in tears. I miss him so much.


Sgt. L's Wife said...

I've been there many, many times. Except we sold Sgt.'s truck before he left for Iraq b/c we were going to have BG and we were going to need a bigger car/truck anyway and no need to have an extra car payment. So, when I opened up the blinds to look out when I heard it, there was nothing. Only an empty spot next to my car on the driveway.

Hang in there...every day that passes is one day closer. I know, very Hallmarkish and way too pickety fence for a Friday but it helped me.

By the way...welcome to blogging. Love the hamster and the Anna Nicole power plant made me giggle out loud.

TripleE said...

Holy Crap!
Someone read and left a comment! the first one : )

Thanks for the thoughts sgt l's wife. I think the same thing. I was thinking today is approximately 5 months down and 10 to go. 1/3rd of the way there! so far so good.

liberal army wife said...

oh... that diaper... been there. It was such deja vu.

My handyman got the truck moving (the battery had died) and was moving something. I had been napping when he left with the truck and when he drove back up... well my heart stopped for a second, and I wanted to run to the door..


Butterfly Wife said...

It seems that somethings in our brains don't change despite other part knowing the facts. For me, I keep reaching for my cell phone on my way home for work to call my husband. And then I sigh and keep driving. It has only been 11 months or so. Any day now, I know it will stop.

TripleE said...

any day now...
I thought it was just old age playing tricks with my brain.