Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why now?!

My TV is toast. Not the crappy little TV in the bedroom or in my office. Not even the tiny little TV/VCR combo in the fort. The big TV in the living room. I haven't been able to turn it on for over a day now. A search of Sony's support website and online forums and the only suggestion was to unplug it for a while and try again. Nothing. Because of the blinking light, I read that it is something major, power supply or something like that. I guess it's past it's expected life span anyhow.
Hubby and I almost bought a new flatscreen TV last year. Now I wish we would have.
It's not really the buying and installing a new one that worries me, it's getting rid of the old one. Hubby is the only one I know strong enough to remove that stinkin TV from the cabinet. He's not a big guy, average height, but has superhuman strength and amazing coordination. When we moved from our apartment to this house, he carried the refrigerator, a full-size refrigerator, down the stairs and into the truck by himself. This TV fits so snugly in the cabinet that it's almost impossible to get a grip on it. I'l need to ask a few of my friend's husbands to come over to help. Maybe if I provide food and beer?
Hubby's due for R&R in 6 months, so I thought maybe I'll wait. No, I don't want to waste precious R&R time messing with a TV.
So tomorrow I go shopping, for a new TV and a credenza on which to place it.


jan wesner said...

I feel your pain!
This is so funny - I have almost this same problem. My big TV and the living room entertainment center in the living room are literally on their last legs. The TV takes one strong man to move, the entertainment center requires two. Not only will it need to be moved out of my living room, but also disposed of in some way. As much as I want the TV to die so I can buy one of those fancy flat screens and mount it on the wall, I am also hoping it lasts at least until Mark gets R&R.

TripleE said...

Everything is suppose to hold up and wait to break until they return, but these things around the house don't always listen to me :)
Spent too much time and money at Best Buy today. It's definitely going to look like a man lives here now.