Saturday, July 21, 2007


Went to the San Diego Zoo today. A beautiful zoo that I had not been to since I was 4 years old. Me, the 3 kidlets and friends of mine that had guest passes from their family membership. 3 adults and 5 kids in 2 cars trekked to the zoo. It was a great day. The girls wanted to take pictures of the camels to send to Daddy since we just received pictures of camels from him. I got a good workout walking around the zoo pushing 2, sometimes 3, kids in the double stroller for 5 hours. We saw a lot of the amazing animals before it became busy and crowded at the zoo.
On the ride home the kids were doing fine. We were just past the Anna Nicole Memorial Power Plant and I glanced back at the kids. E2 was asleep, E1 was drinking water and looking at the scenery, E3 was covered with chocolate on his lap, hands and face. E1 must have given him a piece of the chocolate doughnut she had earlier today. I continue driving for a few more seconds and think "there.....aren'" I glance back again at my happy little boy and realize THAT'S NOT CHOCOLATE!
I had just looked back there and he had been clean! Only 1/2 mile to the next exit! Exit and pull over, yes I saw the "emergency parking only" sign, but if this wasn't an emergency, what is! How could something so BIG come out of someone so little?! Luckily I have worked both in a clinical microbiology lab and on a farm. Therefore, I have seen a lot of gross things in my life and I have a strong stomach. I've been changing diapers for most of the last 6 years and this tops the list. An entire package of wipes and a bottle of water and he is good to go. A clean diaper and clothes and we're back on the road.
There were a couple traffic accidents just north of our emergency exit. A few minutes earlier and we probably would have witnessed or been involved in one of them. I guess the diaper blow-out was a good thing. A nice bath at home and then I disassemble the car seat and sterilize it.
Still a great day.

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