Thursday, July 26, 2007

What am I doing?

I began blogging pretty recently. Initially, I thought of it as a nice way to document this history-making year. We are in the middle of a tumultuous time in our nation's history. It is a turning-point and I'm not sure which way we are turning. My Hubby is away at war, and as my mom just reminded me during our phone conversation, he may not come back.
I'm finding that posting myself, reading and/or commenting at other blogs is very therapeutic. Almost all of the information on the war, I find online. I find that there are many other mil-spouses that are going through, or have gone through what I am dealing with right now.
Today I was reading a blog that was linked on one of my daily reads. On the sidebar there were adorable pictures of a young couple in love. This young woman's blog was fun to read. Eventually, I saw that she called herself a "widow, but not technically".
I read her early posts and saw that early this year her boyfriend was killed in Iraq. This yanked me right back into the reality that we all face as families and friends of those who serve our country.
Here at home we still face all the same, usually meaningless, day-to-day challenges. A world away people are trying to kill my Hubby and many others.
Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm here at home, enjoying all the luxuries that modern American life brings. I've decided that I'm still going to post my day-to-day crap. That's my life... but that doesn't mean that I'm not constantly thinking of my Hubby.

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