Thursday, July 19, 2007

Roxie is fat.

Roxie is fat. A wonderful, sweet, silly dog, but fat. I couldn't figure out how she got so fat so quickly. Then I found out that when Grandma visited for several months in 2005 she had a daily routine. Early am, only ones awake are Grandma and Roxie...Grandma cleans out leftovers and feeds a hearty meal to Roxie. Roxie is not one to refuse food, or chew for that matter. She grew, grew more when Pumpkin stopped eating and shared with Roxie during her cancer fight. (Pumpkin's OK now) .
Roxie's hips are bad, poor breeding, pitbull puppy mill. She had cherry eye and they tossed her on the street, we rescued her from the shelter. She needs to lose weight to ease the strain on her hips. Cut her calorie intake...she eats everything in sight, toys, wood planks, her dogbed.
I can't believe that I'm going to put my dog on a diet drug, yes that's right, MY DOG IS GOING ON A DIET DRUG. It's called Slentrol.
I hope it works and that the benefits outweigh any risks. I want to see my baby Roxie swimming her little heart out again. She rarely swims now, It hurts to walk down the step into the pool.
She's at 90 lbs now, lets she how it goes.

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