Sunday, July 29, 2007


The girls, E1+ E2, brought Snowflake to the hamster races at the local Petco. Snowflake won all three of her races and was champion! With this honor the girls won a $10 Petco gift card which we immediately used for purple hamster bedding. Snowflake doesn't have plain old beige woodchips at the bottom of her cage. She currently has pink bedding and when that bag is finished , it'll be replaced with purple. The races weren't even close. As other hamsters were at a standstill or slowly moving backward, Snowflake was cruising! What a hamster!


Butterfly Wife said...

Pink and purple bedding, eh? Maybe I should get me some pink and purple bedding too. Hmmm. You got me thinking here! ;-)

liberal army wife said...

well, yay Snowflake!!