Monday, September 29, 2008

Calling all moms!

E3 has been on antibiotics for 5 days now.. and I think he's ingested almost one full dose... total.

Anyone have any new ideas on how to make a toddler take their medicine?

I've tried forcing it down his throat, most of it ends up on his chest, or me, or the wall.

I've tried hiding it in chocolate milk and smoothies.

I've tried bribery.

I just mixed some in a tablespoon of chocolate frosting, no deal.



Guard Wife said...

I have no good advice. We've lucked out in that we've rarely had an issue w/the medicine thing. From the time they were super small, I've just handed them the cup/syringe/dropper and said, "You need to take your medicine." and they do. They're weird, I know.

We also had luck with the stubborn little one by saying, "this medicine comes in shot form too; if you don't drink it, the doctor will give you a BIG shot." We're mean, I know.


Anonymous said...

With Fabul-O whatever color it was I pimped as her new favorite color and "look, medicine comes in that color, too!" Lucky for me she's as flippant as I am and it works since her fav.color changes routinely. I've never had a problem with her and medicine and she'll be 4 in January and is already swallowing pills.

Chocolate frosting didn't work? That's one tough cookie.

I have no assvice or words of wisdom only my best wishes for success soon.

LL said...

How old is he? I can't remember? They have those syringe thingies (with no needle, obviously) that you can get from Walgreens and you put it in the back of his mouth, along the OUTSIDE of his teeth (between gums and cheek), way in the back. It dribbles into where he HAS to swallow. When it's in the front, he can close his throat but back there, for some reason, they can't do it and it goes down.

Good luck.

By the way, my word verify is ipoup which is appropriate for mommy blogging. LOL

dutchgirl said...

Thank goodness bribery has been working well in our household lately, but in the past I had to use the technique ll described above (while I had to hold dd down screaming, fun times)

It's sort of a hassle, but you can check too to see if the pharmacy can mix it up with a different flavor.

Susan said...

The method that has worked the most is what LL described , but he still is able to gurgle and spit most of it out onto me.
I'm going to leave a message for the doctor to see if she can call another one into the pharmacy. I did that once with E1. She was pretty good at taking her medicine, but a certain flavor made her gag.
Maybe grape, he prefers that flavor of Tylenol.
Bribery worked great for E2, she would take her medicine with a M&M chaser. no argument.

The Mrs. said...

we fight the good fight here a lot for meds. Dash-1 takes about three things twice a day everyday but when his reflux acts up he wont take anything because the pain. So then I have to hold him down or just follow him around and bribe him. I usually let him go to the store and pick out some really neat popsicles (the cold helps after the meds he said... whatever) and then i take one out and hold it with the medicine. I've stood there long enough taunting him with it that its melted and I've had to get another. But he takes it. I'll let him have one lick to make sure he likes it and then suck down the meds or mommy is eating the pop. Hey whatever works.

Of course did you know that amoxecilion (sp) comes in tablet that you can put in applesauce, ice cream, yogurt. Talk to your dr.


Susan said...

This time, I did get the tablet form. It does dissolve nicely in things but he can still taste it somehow and says "I no likie"
but... tonight he took his medicine no problem. Once again, I used the syringe (I dissolved the tablets in a tiny bit of water), he took a tiny bit and then I did the happy dance around the room. He was so proud of himself, that he drank the rest without a fuss.
I still need to call the doctor tomorrow for a refill, since he used up 10 days worth of meds in 5 days.