Monday, September 29, 2008

A new look

Yes, I have been messing around with my blog layout.
I wanted something a little "prettier"
It's a work in progress, it's still not exactly what I want, but it's on the right path, I think.

I need to get to work, so I'm done messing around for now and will leave it like this until I have more time.

What do you think?


The Mrs. said...

I like the colors!

mel said...

I like the colors too! & the swirlies. :)

Susan said...

It's the same colors that I have around me in the real world right, so it's all matchy-matchy now ;)
The Mrs., I liked your layout and found the link over at your place.

Anonymous said...

Very nifty!!!! I like it!

Buck said...

Yup... I like it, too. FWIW.

Kasey said...