Monday, September 8, 2008

it's the little things

Right now, Stuntman is searching through the laundry room and workshop. Last night, he scoured the entire attic.
There is a smell.
A smelly smell, the kind of smell that smells...smelly.

He did find a dead rat in the attic last night, but the smell is still there, and is worse than ever.

It's times like this that I really appreciate having him home.

Last year I had to deal with several suicidal rabbits in the pool. I used all of my kitchen tongs retrieving them from the pool, although I did wimp out and call a friend to retrieve the one stuck in the filter basket.

*update 9pm•
Flies began coming out of a wall socket in the kitchen.
Yuk, yuk, yukity yuk!
Stuntman just arrived home from work and has taken out the outlet. The smell... is gagging.
We're in the middle of ripping apart the wall or just keeping all of the windows open until the bastard totally decomposes.
On a positive note... I may lose a few pounds because for some reason, I have no appetite.


Butterfly Wife said...

Ick. Major ICK!!!

definitely nice to have someone else do these things for a change.

I hope the smell goes away soon.

Sara said...

Ok ewww... and omg with the rabbit in the filter. I can't even handle roaches on my own!

That all must be frustrating. I hope you solve the smelly mystery soon.

Buck said...

It's times like this that I really appreciate having him home.

That made me smile... coz it triggered a memory of The Second Mrs. Pennington sitting in the middle of our bed with the covers pulled up over her head screeching "is it gone yet? IS IT GONE?" while I dispatched a bat that had somehow found its way into our bedroom at oh-dark-thirty in the morning. Solution: tennis racquet, firmly wielded.

Yep, us men are good to have around!

Butterfly Wife said...

Seriously disgusting!!! Thanks for sharing. ;-)

Marine Wife said...

EWW! Ick! I hope the smell is gone soon!