Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The trip continues...

The morning of day 3 we left Grand Teton Nation Park and headed north to Yellowstone. None of us had ever been to Yellowstone, so of course we needed to see the famed "Old Faithful" geyser.

Everyone else in the park was there as well.
It was crowded.
Again, we took turns with the kids and dogs. I could imagine Roxie trying to swim in a boiling spring, so it made sense that dogs aren't allowed near the geysers.
Even though it was crowded, and hot, the geysers were a sight to see. It's a bit uneasy knowing that you are on top of an active volcano. That's what the ranger said, and active volcano. The caldera is outlined on the park map, and it is HUGE! I would have loved to spend days looking at the geology in Yellowstone, but we had places to go and people to see.
We drove through the park, ooohing and awwing at the scenery.
We saw elk in a nearby field. We thought those were close until we drove through Mammoth Hot Springs and saw them lying all over town.
We decided to drive to Billings Montana for the night and stay in a hotel for a decent shower. We drove, still admiring the scenery around us.
We arrived in Billings after dark, saw that the Motel 6 in which we planned to stay was between a crummy casino and an adult bookstore. For around $70 a night. Forget it.
We drove to a different part of town and saw a Country Inn Suites. $140 for a few hours of sleep and a shower. No matter how much I liked Curt Carlson personally, I'm frugal. So, we drove on, leaving Montana in our dust, and boondocked at a Wal-Mart Supercenter near South Dakota.

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Buck said...

Yellowstone is spectacular, indeed. As I told ya before, I spent a week there back in my "on the road" days. And it was the BEST week I spent during that time, by far. Your pics are MUCH better than mine, tho, given as how I shot mine with a first-generation digital camera... with ALL of one megapixel, LOL!

I hear ya about being on top of the caldera. It's a VERY spooky and eerie feeling, to say the very least. And those elk tend to take on a new and more sinister presence when you're zipping around the park on your lil mo'sickle... a high speed encounter with one could tend to ruin your entire day.