Saturday, September 27, 2008

party time

I just said "goodbye!" to the last of the partygoers.
E1 had a slumber party last night... Nine third-grade girls.
Most of the parents asked if I had been drinking when I sent out the invitations. I must just be crazy.
I think it was the easiest party to date. The girls had a blast, kept busy the entire time, and were respectful of each other.
E2 played right along with the big girls; they included her in everything.
went swimming,
ate pizza,
decorated cupcakes,
ate cupcakes,
played on the playground,
picked tomatoes,
played frisbee,
drove electric cars,
played flashlight tag,
made a music video,
decorated pillowcases with fabric paint,
watched a movie,
ate popcorn,
told scary stories,
slept (yes, they were all out by 10:30),
ate breakfast,
made friendship rings,
and played outside.

I'm sure the neighbors loved hearing Hannah Montana well into the evening... oh ,and the screams during flashlight tag. The dogs are napping right now, they are exhausted from following the girls around all evening and morning.
E1 has been blessed with a great bunch of friends.


Buck said...

Congrats on the successful party. You're a MUCH stronger person than I, though. I'd never even think of attempting something like this, LOL!

Inquiries said...

That sounds like fun! I bet you were warn out just watching!

Guard Wife said...

What a cool mom. :)