Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Out of the club

I am no longer a milspouse,
I think.

Stuntman's time is up, and he's not re-enlisting.
We both have mixed feelings about it, but we believe it is what's best.
Several years ago, he saw that the best way to "support the troops" was to become one, again.

I am very proud of what he has done.

If he feels the need to re-enlist, I'll be behind him 100%. I wouldn't be surprised. He said "Infantry is in his blood, but Airborne is in his knees".


Buck said...

No matter if he does or doesn't, in my book. He's served honorably and did what must be done... and for that I salute him. But... that said... if the infantry is truly in Stuntman's blood, you just might be getting a new ID card, Susan. ;-)

Guard Wife said...

You're still a milspouse, even if not an active one. :) Once you're in, you're in--as far as I'm concerned.

You have a lot to be proud of, not only for his service but your own exemplary service. :)

slightly salty said...

Just as Guard Wife said, once you're in, your're in. You will always be a milspouse. You have both served your country well.

The Mrs. said...

I think once a mil spouse always a mil spouse. It changes you. And erodes your sanity and we all know that aint coming back!

you done did good.

Butterfly Wife said...

Milspouse or not, I still think of you primarily as friend. :D

Marine Wife said...

Don't think you can get rid of us that easily. Once a milspouse, always a milspouse!

Susan said...

awww, thanks guys :)
I don't have to become a lurker now.

and yes, it did change me, for the better, I think. I've definitely learned from this experience.

Kasey said...

Best wishes on whatever you all decide to do!

I am with the others- once a milspouse, always a milspouse!