Monday, September 29, 2008

Do I need a cape?

I sent this email to the parents of the girls that attended E1's birthday party:
To all of the parents of the 3rd-grade girls;

I just want to tell all of you about your amazing kids. I was truly
impressed with their behavior on Friday. They were thoughtful,
polite, and were respectful of each other. It is not by accident
that these girls behave this way. I give all of the credit to you,
their parents. Not only did I survive the evening, I enjoyed having
them all in my home.
Thank you!


I just received this response:
Thank you Susan, you are a brave woman. God bless you for having the strength for that. I guess being a military wife does give you extra powers that be!!


The Mrs. said...

wait wait wait... you didnt get your cape with your ID card?

I think its great that you sent an email to the parents, its always so nice to hear GOOD things!

Susan said...

That's what I thought, the mrs., we rarely hear good things, so I needed to let the parents know how absolutely wonderful their kids were.
..and no, no cape, plus, I would have to return it soon, my ID has expired and it won't be getting renewed that I know of... but that is for another post.