Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly update

Just a little update on what has been going on around here.
The 2nd week of school is finished. E2 loves kindergarten. I'm really looking forward to E1 in 3rd grade. I believe that she will truly thrive this year. Her teacher has a great philosophy that I think will work perfectly with her style. Both of the girls have awesome teachers this year and I know they will learn so much.

One day this week, I received a phone call from E1's teacher requesting that I come to the school to help with something E1 got herself into. It was picture day. Just after E1's photo was taken, she used one of the small black combs to comb her hair. It became entangled in her hair. REALLY entangled. I could barely see the comb through the mass of blonde hair.
Cutting it out wasn't an option, it was too close to the scalp, right in the front of her head.
A couple teachers had attempted to remove the comb, but to no avail. That's when they decided to call me. E1 tells them "my mom's a scientist, not a hairdresser". Thanks for the vote of confidence there, E1.
When the teacher called me, telling me that E1 had a comb stuck in her hair, I said "How in the heh..., oops, I almost swore to the teacher". Luckily, the teacher/former nun laughed at that one.
When I arrived, I tried to untangle the comb.. no luck. Eventually, I was able to remove the comb, piece by piece. I slipped a tiny bit of hair off of the comb, then snipped off a few millimeters of the plastic at a time. After the comb was removed, we untangled the giant snarl that remained. I only needed to snip a tiny portion and it's unnoticeable. Some day, E1 will look back at the incident and laugh, I hope.

I play in the sandbox at least an hour each day. I build obstacles for E3 to knock down with his Matchbox monster trucks. He has at least a dozen of these little things and knows the name of each one... Gravedigger, Maximum Destruction, Hot Wheels, Airborne Ranger, Brutus....
His vocabulary has exploded, and not just with the names of monster trucks. I don't remember the girls speaking this much when they were this age. It's easy to carry on a conversation with him. He must pick it up from his constantly-chatting sisters.


Guard Wife said...

Sounds like all 3 E's are doing well. I'm so glad you figured out the comb in the hair thing. I'm not sure what I would have done with M1 and can imagine her having similar problems with her super thick blonde hair.

Both my girls have great teachers this year too, thank goodness. Last year about did me in. :)

Thanks for the update!

Buck said...

Wow. That musta been one HUMONGOUS snarl! And I LOL'ed at the "scientist v. hairdresser" comment. I'm not sure what, if any, back-story accompanies that remark, but I think **I'd** rather be known as the former, rather than the latter! ;-)

re: E3's verbal explosion. It happens SO fast, doesn't it? One day it's baby noises and the next... conversation. Amazing stuff.