Friday, August 3, 2007

My Dream Car

I’ve seen the same new car in my neighborhood a few times this week. Someone bought a beautiful new yellow Ferrari. (I don’t live in an especially affluent area, it’s rather eclectic, houses range from $300K to $2mil+, remember it’s LA, $320K is listed right now for a 1BR 600sqft fixer). Back in the day, I was a nut about cars. I was the only girl I knew with subscriptions to Road-n-Track and Motor Trend. My first car after college was an Eagle Talon AWD 5 speed turbo. It was a great little car for the money. I had lots of fun racing around the cloverleaf in that car. Eventually I drove a company car. Plain Jane, but free.
Now I have my Dream Car. We bought it shortly before my husband deployed so he wouldn’t have to worry about my car having issues while he was gone. It’s “platinum” color (dark charcoal grey), automatic and seats 7 comfortably. It has built-in DVD and I use the headphones in the back for emergencies. It’s a living room on wheels. I store cases of water, first-aid kits and tennis equipment in the floor storage bins. The seats flip up and down and 3 kid car seats are relatively easy to install.
It amazes me how much my definition of dream car has changed in the last 20 years. I’m sure it’ll change again in the next 20. I just need something that fits 3 kid car seats for a while. Maybe not a Ferrari, but I saw a beautiful Lotus a couple months ago…but I’d need to sell the house first and I don't know how comfortable in which the car would be to sleep.


ABW said...

You crack me up! My first car was a nissan 280 zx. Now I drive a toyota highlander and I think our next car will be a minivan. Hubby is still waiting for his sports car and I told him to keep driving the station wagon and maybe after Junior graduates from college we can revisit that dream!

TripleE said...

still loving the mini-van, although it's so dirty right now, it's embarrassing