Saturday, November 24, 2007

I’ll probably get a ticket

Since my little accident, I’ve been speaking with the other guy’s insurance company. Mercury Insurance has really been easy to deal with…and what totally cracked me up was that the adjuster that I have been working with has almost exactly the same name (first, middle and last) of Hubby. The estimate is almost $3K for my van, ouch…glad that I don’t have to pay it. I finally found time to pick up my rental/loaner minivan. A Toyota Sienna… nice car…it was the “runner-up” when we bought the Town&Country last year. The stow-n-go of the T&C is what sold us…we have a ton, really, a ton, of stuff in those under the floor storage areas.
The Sienna does have a bit more power than the T&C, passing/acceleration is quick…a little too quick. I’ve found myself going much too fast. The dash/controls are a pretty blue and purple, but the automatic shifter is odd…I think they were trying to make it sporty or something…really?’s still a minivan, people, quit trying to fool yourself.
The kids like it too…E2 asked if we could keep it. I think it’s just because it’s clean.
To do tomorrow…clean out Hubby’s PT Cruiser…it looks like the inside of my van now.

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Buck Pennington said...

Your rental sounds better than my rental! The Chrysler Sebring four-door sedan I have can barely get out of its own way. I'm in NO danger of getting a speeding ticket. None at all.

I have a feeling the wait for the Green Hornet's return is gonna be interminable.