Thursday, November 15, 2007

What's New?

Still haven't found the Halloween candy...I've given up. It's in a red backpack. Maybe Hubby will find it when he's home on R&R in February.

I went to the mall today...the dreaded mall. I hate shopping. Well not shopping exactly, I hate people in my way when I shop. I want to go in, get what I want and get the hell out of there. Have you ever noticed that some people walk extremely slow! Geeesh, can't you tell that there is a woman on a mission? She has a sitter for 2 hours and needs to buy clothes, fast! Get out of my way!
My neighbor watched the kids while I shopped. I could bring the kids, but I've found that E3 is very quick, can easily crawl under the dressing room door, and usually chooses to do so when I'm naked. Therefore, I haven't bought any new clothes in many, many months.
My sizes have changed...I have a number on the jeans that I bought that I have not seen in a looong time. It is a single digit! WhooHoo!

The kids still miss Pumpkin, but are doing well. They have already asked for another dog. I told them that instead of adopting another dog, lets just pay extra special attention to the two that we have, Sparky and Roxie. That's what we've been doing and the dogs are very happy. Roxie is a little lost, Pumpkin was like a mother to her.

We started a paper chain to count down the days until Hubby/Daddy is home for R&R. It's less that 100 days now and E2 needs something visual so she knows she will be seeing Daddy again. Every time she speaks to him on the phone she says "I wish you should come home now Daddy". In the sweetest voice imaginable. It nearly breaks your heart.

The upcoming weekend looks busy, but fun. How's everyone else doing?


liberal army wife said...

good to hear you got away for a while. may I gently suggest you MAKE a chain link a day, not take away a link a day. When we got the extension news, the spouses doing the taking away had to try to add more to the chains, without knowing how many. So making a chain, which can be used for a party when the soldier gets home, and writing on the link the date and something good that happened that day, can be easier on kids. I'm NOT saying you will be extended, just if the plane is delayed, or they have to sit at the airport/Camp V for a few days, it can make kids anxious. Just a suggestion.


TripleE said...

LAW, I know I'm definitely not going to be doing the chain take-away thing when he comes home for good, just in case of extension. However, leaves have been pretty much on target with the unit so far, and I added a few days for flights, etc..
We have a giant time-line around the playroom that shows the deployment so far. It's brown paper on the wall the length of 2 walls with each month marked. I have a few extra yards on the end, just in case.

Buck Pennington said...! MAJOR hot-button with me, even trips to Wally-World to get little grocery items in between commissary runs. Why is it people just have to stop and chat in the aisles, with their carts perfectly aligned... in parallel... so you can't possibly get by? And then you get that "what?" look when you say "excuse me..." And the "technically challenged" folks in the self-checkout lanes, the ones who just can't seem to figure out how a scanner works, or can't swipe a credit card, or...

I MUST stop now. This isn't good for the blood pressure.

Shelly said...

I am a true shopper and in saying that I am irritated beyond belief with gawkers, slow walker in the middle of the isle, stopping in the middle of the isle, and people not having payment ready at the counter. Thanks for the vent.LOL Great to hear about the smaller jeans!!

Oh and thanks for the laugh on the naked in the dressing room...

Off to Costco tonight for Thanksgiving and I'm sure I will run into the annoying shoppers..

Guard Wife said...

I find those who mosey around anywhere (but especially stores) and appear completely unaware of others around them is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves! Good grief! Pay attention and while you're at it, MOVE FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you accomplished all you wanted to!

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

I'm glad you are down to where you can count the days with the children til R&R....I remember when we hit that time during the summer and we began to count it down. Of course it was more for my benefit then theirs, but I blamed them :D.

And with you on the shopping....and yet I will get out there and do it Friday.....maybe we will do lunch in a Bar....yeah, I will DRINK my lunch to be able to deal with the INSANE people!

Congrats on the weight loss, I started dieting last year at the beginning of our deployment and achieved and got down to the single digit sizes and have stayed there, so YAY for you....

But I took my son shopping with me yesterday and wanted to hog tie him outside the door when asked if anyone was in the dressing room, he proceeded to inform everyone within earshot of three states that his mother was taking off all her clothes so she could try on other things....IT WAS NOT ALL MY CLOTHES....9 yr olds....ARRRGGG!!!!