Saturday, November 10, 2007


I realize that I am much too young for this…

I hid the kids Halloween candy last week so they wouldn’t eat it all in one sitting. My plan was to give a treat now and then. They didn’t ask for candy for days later (I think they forgot all about it too).
Now, I don’t remember where I hid it. I’ve looked in the usual places. I could really use a tiny candy bar right about now.

And also…I need to find the Christmas present that I stashed so that I can return it to Wal-Mart tomorrow…it’s been recalled.


Melinda said...

I think as long as you can locate all 3 kids at any given time, you're still 'with it' enough not to worry about early onset anything. :)

And, I admit it. I took your candy. And the present. Sorry.

TripleE said...

Melinda, thanks for's really the only explanation :)