Thursday, November 29, 2007

Am I the last to know?

In our civilian lives, Stuntman and I work for the same company. It's a large, international corporation. Combined, we've been there almost 30 years.
Stuntman's been gone since March, and corporate policy is that after 6 months, he's wiped from the roles...taken off the roster, payroll, benefits, access to anything.
Our IT id's are one letter apart (last name,first initial). Someone in IT, in their infinite wisdom, terminated me, not Stuntman.
I've been without voicemail for 2 weeks. Finally, it was restored yesterday, after IT was satisfied that I really still worked for said company. Today, my email was terminated. I'm no longer in the global address book, and I can't access anything.
Of course, I realized this after 5 p.m. home office time.
Man, is my manager going to be pissed.
(not at me, at IT)
I should check my bank and see if I was still paid today.


(army)Wife said...

Can they do that? To your hub, I mean. I was under the impression that with regards to the military leave, employers have to allow leave for a full term of service (up to 5 years) and during that time the employee continues to accrue certain benefits such as seniority rights and pension. All this of course paving the way for when the soldier returns to the company. I know state laws differ, but federal law is the same.

Kelly said...

oh yuck! I hope that you get everything fixed sooner rather than later. At least your boss can't yell at you for not getting your work done! :)
Good luck with everything.

TripleE said...

Theoretically, he should have everything back online and reinstated when he returns. That's what we've been told. We're keeping track of everything he should have accrued while he's gone, just in case.
I don't know the reason why they remove him, I think that's the only way they can make sure he doesn't receive benefits (medical, etc.) while he's gone.

Buck Pennington said...

Wow. Sounds like your IT shop needs a bit of the ol' "Come to Jesus" type of counseling. As a former IT guy, I know "stuff" happens. But that stuff should be rare and never reoccurring!

TripleE said...

Buck, I thought I may hear from you regarding my blame on IT. I found out today that it wasn't really IT's fault. HR deleted me and then the ball rolled throughout the company. HR is apologizing profusely right now.

Marine Wife said...

hope it's very profusely. hmm, you could work this to your advantage...