Saturday, November 24, 2007

One more thing I miss

I’ve seen so many dirt bikes on the road this weekend…in the back of pickups, on trailers, behind RV’s.
We always went riding on Thanksgiving weekend. Sometimes even on Thanksgiving day before dinner. We did miss a few Thanksgivings…sometimes I couldn’t ride because I was pregnant, or when I was recovering from my knee injury and surgery.
I really have the itch to ride right now…scream my bike down the trail…take out all of my frustrations on the bumps and the turns.
My poor bike is just sitting there lonely…
this isn’t a picture of my bike…at one time it looked like it is under a tarp…behind 2 other bikes ☹


Butterfly Wife said...

Poor bike. Poor TripleE. :(

Buck Pennington said...

Wow, TripleE, this post sure rings a few bells! ALL...every single one... of my dirt bikes (motocrossers and enduros) were Yamahas back in the day. Ring-dings RULE!