Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Change of Pace

The last week or so I have slept well…still not that many hours, but well.
Because I know Hubby is stuck inside the wire for about a month.
I know he’s bored…but I don’t mind. I’m actually kinda hoping his “temporary” responsibilities become permanent. He’s not, he misses the missions, but that’s what you get for a dual-MOS I guess…you go where you’re needed.
He just received the package I sent containing nice new sheets. He had always told me not to bother sending anything like that since he rarely slept in his own bed. Now he’s sleeping in the same place, albeit a crappy bug and rat-infested tent, every night.
We’ve even been able to use the internet connection more often to chat, therefore utilizing that modem we forked out so much $$ for.
He’s still so far away, and I still worry about his safety, but my nerves are a little less frazzled…and I’m going to enjoy this temporary reprieve.


Ms. MO said...

I know how you feel. Mine is now doing a "desk job" for while and I swear I could have posted this myself .

A soldier's wife..... said...

Any break is good, for both of you....my husband hates having to do the admin part of his responsibilities and puts it off as long as he can and as late as he can until he finds himself stuck for days behind his desk...but I like knowing there are times when he is tied to the "job" where he can't go out and play with everyone else....even one less day of over-worry helps....enjoy the more often communication, it's a nice perk to the down time.

Ann M. said...

I am glad that you have a bit of a break. As bored as I bet he is, I hope this continues for you for a bit.

Shelly said...

Everyone needs clean sheets, now he is sleeping better and so are you..