Sunday, April 27, 2008

Feeling hot, hot, hot

It was a hot one today. 100+ degrees out here... I know, it's still a dozen or two degrees cooler than Stuntman is feeling right now, but it's still hot.
and... the first nearby fire. yippie. fire season has begun.
Our "defensible space" is clear, we have a stucco house with a metal roof, so we're good to go for living where we do.

Roxie dog has been swimming a few times already. She heard the pool gate open and came running. Emma... not so sure about the pool. We'll need to get her in there this summer to make sure that she can swim. I have a feeling that she may be an anchor like Pumpkin was. Too little body fat, too much muscle. We'll see.

The girls swam today. E3 and I watched and sat at the steps splashing our feet.

Summer has begun.

I think it snowed at my sister's house in Minnesota yesterday.
and she wonders why I moved.

the photo was taken from the freeway by E1. It is of the fire in Sierra Madre... hopefully to be contained soon.


Ann M. said...

I want to go swimming! It hasn't snowed here, but it is raining and icky out.

E1 did an impressive job with the photo!

Buck said...

Fire season. We have it here, too... and grass fires can be just as dangerous as the sorts of fires all y'all get. We're not as congested, though, and that's something of a good thing. Still and even, wind-driven wild fire is a SCARY thing.

trying said...

100 + ?!?! sweet louise. i thought it was hot when it was 81 here last week!

tell E1 its a great photo