Monday, April 7, 2008

Today, I went to breakfast with a few friends. We all have children in 2nd grade and met after drop-off today. I left E2 and E3 at home with my neighbor. It was my birthday celebration ... I hadn't told anyone about my birthday beforehand... but when they found out that I had a surprise party last weekend, they felt bad that they had missed it and had a celebration of their own.
I haven't laughed that hard for some time... and it wasn't just the pomegranate mimosas.


Buck said...

...pomegranate mimosas.

Wow. My imagination is having difficulty wrapping itself around that. ;-)

Still... I guess it's just not cool to drink beer with breakfast, eh? ;-)

Inquiries said...

Pomegranate mimosas sound goo!

Ann M. said...

oooh, pomegranate mimosas, that sounds really good. I have a while before I can drink one of those!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time :) YAY!

LoveMyTanker said...

Hope you had a wonderful time. Happy belated!!