Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'll watch again

Tough to watch... but I have now watched it three times.
Maybe it will help me understand Stuntman a little more when he returns home.
It is a very well done program.
You can watch online, or watch again on TV. At least in my area, it repeats several times during the next week.
I'm very grateful for the technology that enables us to see this war as we have never seen previous ones.

...and before anyone asks, no, Stuntman is not in Bad Voodoo platoon


Buck said...

I watched last night, as well. I was gratified to see the usual "Frontline" political view was conspicuously absent. And yeah, I'll watch again, too.

calista said...

I watched it last night, also. It's well done and it's an eye opener.

Butterfly Wife said...

Definitely worth watching, I thought.