Friday, April 4, 2008


We went to the drive-in again tonight.
We saw Nim's Island. E3 slept the entire time... yeah!, and E2 and E1 enjoyed the movie without little brother climbing all over the car.
**spoiler alert**
At the end, when Nim's missing father sailed home, the girls had the biggest smiles on their faces. The exact same smiles that I had seen not long ago when Stuntman walked off of the plane for R&R. I loved watching the girls reactions while they watched the father-daughter reunion on screen.... I have to admit, that it brought a few tears to my eyes.


Butterfly Wife said...

That brings tear to my eyes just reading it.

Nice E3 took a long nap. That is very exciting by itself!

Catmoves said...

Enjoy the drive in while you can. All those we had here disappeared years back. I miss them.

Vypergirl said...

My Neighbor took her daughter to go see that and then they were walking around the mall. She got so upset she just broke down and started crying in a store. Her daddy is deployed now as well. I felt so bad for her!

I am glad to hear that your girls took away the good ending from the movie!! :)