Saturday, April 26, 2008

Homecoming outfit, check!

I went to a CAbi party at a friends house last night. I don't usually attend home shopping parties, and I wasn't expecting to like the clothes that were at the party last night, but I needed an evening away from the kids... I don't remember the last one that I had, but I'm sure it was to a PTO or Girl Scout leader meeting.
I had a blast at the party. It was so much fun to see the other moms from school in a different environment.
I wasn't sure if I liked the CAbi line of clothing... I didn't really care for what the sales consultant was wearing. It was OK for someone else, but not me, and the catalog wasn't very inspiring.
I tried on a LOT of the clothes and loved a LOT of them. So many were flattering for my body type. I often have difficulty finding the correct fit in stores, I guess I am an hourglass shape and I rarely find anything that fits well at Target or the mall. Sometimes at Nordstrom's, but the prices there are even higher than CAbi.
It was so much fun to get the feedback from my friends on the different items that I tried on, and I found a great outfit for the homecoming ceremony. I'm sure it'll be blazing hot that day, whenever it is, it usually is this time of year... but even if it isn't the outfit will work.
I'm going to try to host a party of my own when the fall collection comes out. Only problem is that you have to clean ALL of the rooms in your house so that people have places to change. There goes my usual dash-and-hide method of cleaning prior to most parties.


Inquiries said...

I have an hourglass figure too. It is very hard to find clothes. Especially clothes to fit my waist and my hips! The top half is just as difficult!

I am glad you had fun! And found clothes that fit!

Bon said...

I looked at the clothes, I would actually come to your party if I could. So happy to see things moving along for you and the E's.

Guard Wife said...

Sounds like a fun evening! So glad you found something you liked. :)

Ann M. said...

Yay! Glad you were pleasantly surprised and found clothes that looked good :)

Butterfly Wife said...

great! I think I've got airport outfit together. We're almost there. :D