Monday, April 14, 2008

Which shoes should I wear?

I miss the oddest things about Stuntman.
I miss having someone to help dress me.
Occasionally I need to ask "do these jeans make me look fat?" and I need someone to answer.
No, it's not a trick question for Stuntman... and no, he never outright says "yes", but sometimes he does suggest wearing something else.
I need that honesty.
If I ask my kids how something looks (I never ask if I look fat to my kids, I don't want to add to body image issues that the media is already throwing their way)... my kids always say "you look beautiful, Mommy"
It's a great ego boost, but not always the answer I was looking for. I just need to know if I match, what shoes look best, or if I look like I got dressed in the dark... because often I do.


Jennifer Smith said...

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Butterfly Wife said...

You know, come to think about it, the doggies aren't much help at all in this department. Stuntman and Jack Bauer need to come home! We need their in-person fashion advice. :D

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Oh, tripleE even with having older daughters, the blow right out of my room saying "yeah mom you look fine", and to me I look like a Circus go figure the reality on it. Best as we try to look nice, I think we all need a personal shopper to help us along in the husband too was my biggest advocate when it came to dressing, I think now that he is home, I miss him telling me I'm beautiful....since I know he told me every day in an email, he seems to have forgotten he used to tell me this every day when he saw me.....

Go figure....I hope you don't leave the house with mixmatched shoes, or socks, I hope your reds match and you don't mix your whites and beiges.... :D


trying said...

an honest husband is such a useful thing to have. it occasionally takes the wind out of my sails but I can understand why you miss it.

although the ego boosters are also nice to keep around!