Thursday, January 17, 2008


A recent conversation with Time Warner regarding my phone/cable/internet bill :

Me: "Why do I have a charge for interstate calls?" (I'm suppose to have nation-wide long-distance at a flat rate)

TW: "That line is for charges made from your car... like when you're driving on the interstate"

Me: "Ummm" (trying not to tell the sweet, young lady that she's an idiot) "Why would I have charges like that on my home telephone bill?"

TW: "Oh, can you hold a moment, please?"


Marine Wife said...

too fuuny! Have you been taking the house for joy-rides on the highway? :D

Ann M. said...

Did she hang up after that? LOL

TripleE said...

actually... after I was on hold, she came back and solved most of my problem, and transferred me to a supervisor for the rest.
If I had a mobile home... I would understand :)

Guard Wife said...

It's nice to know that the intellience and quick wittedness of Time Warner is the same nationwide. Seriously. I'm on a first name basis with these jokers and they visit my home more than my relatives.

Buck said...

That's funny! Ya gotta give the service rep points for creativity, but they are SO far offset by the stupidity it's not funny.

FWIW, Comcast is about the same, or worse. I defy anyone to negotiate their interactive voice response system and reach a human bean in less than 45 minutes.

The Customer "Service" situation in America makes one seriously consider the viability of an alternate life centered around midnite firebombings...