Friday, August 17, 2007

We're sorry, the number you have dialed...

I am usually polite on the phone with customer service. I was a technical service rep at one time, I know how hard it is to deal with irate people on the phone when you had nothing to do with their problem. Well, today I lost it. I was one of those crazy people that used profanity while the lady on the line said “I’m sorry for you inconvenience” UUGGHH!

Lets just start at the beginning… The local phone/internet/cable company is going through a merger. Customer service sucks. I have no idea how a company as large as Time Warner can survive with such horrible customer service.
I have spent numerous hours on hold with them resolving issues with my cable, my internet, and now my phone. Time Warner needed to come out and switch my phone to their system. This is the 3rd scheduled appointment. The first was cancelled and rescheduled by them. The second was cancelled and rescheduled when I needed to upgrade to HD channels for my TV. (It seems as if they can only have one service call in their system at a time, so the phone appointment needed to be cancelled in order to do the HD, then rescheduled, STUPID system!)
The appointment was scheduled for between 8am and noon today. By the time I woke up this morning, fed the kids, etc., it was 7:55, so I didn’t shower in case the tech arrived. I could have used a shower. I was working until 2am and needed it to wake myself up.
At 11:30, TW called and said they were running late and would be here in an hour. At 2:30, I called them. After 30 minutes on hold, I was told they would be there soon. The tech arrived at 3:30. He was nice and professional enough. It wasn’t his fault he had terrible B.O. He’s been crawling under houses and dealing with people that hate his employer all day in 100+ degree heat.
He wasn’t able to complete his job here, something with the modem and the stupid people on the technical line. I needed to call back in the am to reschedule.
The phone was working when he was here…he was on it for 2 hours with technical service! Five minutes after he left, I picked up the phone…nothing. Tried my fax…nothing. Used my cell to call the numbers “we’re sorry, blah, blah, blah!”
So I phoned Time Warner.
I probably would not have been so upset if I had reached someone right away. Over ½ hour on hold and 3 transfers later I reach this nice lady. I have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I’m NOT happy about it! Isn’t there an emergency system they can use for after-hours service for someone with 3 kids waiting to hear from their husband that happens to be in a war zone! I can handle not hearing from him for a while when it’s on his end, that’s understandable. But because it’s the phone here at home, GEESH!

It would be better if my cell phone worked better in my house, it works, but barely and if you don't move, or turn your head, or breathe. So if Hubby does happen to call my cell, it won’t be much of a conversation between the static on my cell and the delay on his sat phone.
OK, enough of a rant. TW Bastards have taken enough of my time, I’m going upstairs to work, well at least no one can fax me anything else to do since I don’t have a freakin’ phone!


TripleE said...

update: I now have phone service. 2 techs and 4/12 hours of work. whatever.

A soldier's wife..... said...

I know I am late on this, but you asked how they can operate they way they do, it's simple.....

SATAN is the CEO.

Been there, done that...I hate TIME WARNER! I so feel your pain...

I hope that you push for them to reimburse you all the days you have trouble with your service. I did, to the tune of 400.00!

did I mention I hate them?

TripleE said...

I never want to call them again...maybe I'll write a letter.