Monday, July 14, 2008

Helicopter Show

We attended the Heroe's Airshow on Saturday. We attend every year. It's a fun, free day for the family with a ton of great photo opportunities. This year, it was extremely well-attended. It was somewhat disappointing for us, because usually it is not crowded and easy to park, walk around, etc.. Luckily, we arrived early, so we had ample time before the crowds descended upon all of the displays. It took 30 minutes to exit the parking lot. 30. minutes. arrgh. We were laughing and cracking jokes most of the time while we were waiting in line, so that helped us avoid the frustration that could have been.
Here are a few pics from the day:
E3 inside one of the helicopters

E3 was looking for "the key!" for this SWAT vehicle.
Then spoke into the radio "niner, niner... I need a tank!"

What every toddler needs

a rescue demonstration


Buck said...

What every toddler needs

Now THAT made me LOL! Mostly for the mental images it conjured up... of lil boys blowing up everything in sight... What fun!

I know, that was UN-PC to the max, but... what the hell. ;-)

Looks like you had a great day out, Susan. I would most certainly have enjoyed it.

Susan said...

Stuntman's desktop wallpaper is a photo of a 3 yr-old E1 in the same pose behind the gun... with a BIG grin on her face.

Inquiries said...

Great pics! The toddler comment made me laugh too!