Wednesday, July 9, 2008


E1 had her very first sleep-over on Monday night. I saw that her friend was a little tired after she arrived, but didn't think much of it. Just after the girls went to bed, E1 comes running into my office saying that her friend was throwing up. Poor girl. I cleaned her up, tried to reach her father on the phone, no luck.
So, she spent the night on the sofa with a bucket in front of her. She was much better in the am with only one vomiting incident during the night. Still couldn't reach her father in the morning. Eventually, her father received the messages when he left his apartment (poor cell service and no land line). He felt horrible that his daughter became sick at our house, but I reassured him that it wasn't a big deal, it wasn't the first, or last, time that I'll need to nurse a sick kid through the night.
Hopefully, E1's next sleep-over experience is a bit more fun.
Thankfully, the mattress pad on the bed was impervious to liquid, so the mattress wasn't ruined, whew! Just a bunch of nasty laundry, yuk. I almost puked myself when I was doing the laundry.
So, we're waiting for the incubation period to be over in case the virus was transferred to the E's. fun. can't. wait.


Guard Wife said...

OH, boy. What a nightmare. I bet the dad did feel bad...of course, I'm a little kooky when they are gone the first few times & I'd have likely called, especially if I knew I had bad reception on my cell in my own home. Poor thing! Hope the Es are 'impervious' to the virus!!

Buck said...

I hope whatever it was isn't communicable, as well. I ain't that far removed from having to deal with sick children to have forgotten!

I feel sorry for E1, as well. Her first sleep over and her friend gets sick... bad timing aside, not at all good. Poor thing! (Her friend, too. Obviously. I hope.)

Ann M. said...

I really hope that nobody else comes down with whatever E1's friend had...ugh. Hope the next slumber party is better!

Inquiries said...

Oh no! Poor girl! I hope that the virus does not spread to the E's!