Thursday, July 3, 2008

Leaf blowers, Parachutes and Jello

I would not have thought of it... aiming a leaf blower upward in the middle of the living room into a parachute.
The kids had a blast trying to hold onto the edges as the chute danced around like a giant pink squid. Yes, the parachute is pink, it was a tie-dye experiment a few years ago.
Tomorrow is Independence Day, so I made Jello. I also made a bean salad and a margarita pie to share at the BBQ tomorrow afternoon. I'm only showing a photo of the Jello. The kids love it (and I admit, I do as well).

Just evidence that Stuntman and I are still kids.


Inquiries said...

The pink parachute looks like a heart!

The Jello is so cool!

Inquiries said...

I forgot to say Happy Independence to you and yours!

Butterfly Wife said...

That jello is soooo cool. In my new life, I might have to figure out how to do that.

It all sounds like a lot of fun! :D

Guard Wife said...

That jell-o looks neat-o! :) You'll need to post a how-to or something so I can lok like a rock star & make this as M2's b-day treat next week. ;)

oross said...

I love the jello... how did you make the white? and where did you get the patience?