Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today and tomorrow

I cruised down Sunset Boulevard today, listening to my music as loud as I wanted since Stuntman was watching the kids.
Sounds fun, except I was only going to the doctor's office.
In May (or was in early June) I had a biopsy of a mole. It came back as basal cell carcinoma, which is what the doctor described as "if you get skin cancer, this is the one you want". In other words, it's the type that does not metastasize.
I finally had a referral to and an appointment with a dermatologist today.
She removed another tiny, but suspicious-looking thing while I was in the office.
E3 kissed it and made it all better when I arrived home.

I was a little concerned when the biopsy came back, even though I know that it really isn't a big deal. I just don't like the term "carcinoma" or "cancer" when spoken by my doctor.
I have so many family members that have died from various cancers. My dad, my brother, many cousins, uncles, aunts (all on my father's side). My mom's side all have high blood pressure, strokes or diabetes. I seem to have avoided any blood-pressure issues and my blood sugar levels are always normal. One more reason to continue my commitment to healthy eating.


Ann M. said...

My father went through exactly the same thing--had one mole that came back cancerous and had that as well as a few other suspicious looking things removed. The important thing is to keep an eye out for any other changes.

I'm glad you got it taken care of and that E3 made it all better for you :)

Susan said...

Ann, I'll be "in the system" now as the dermatologist said, and will be rechecked periodically.
I hadn't really noticed the first one much. I think it was because I barely looked in the mirror when Stuntman was deployed. He noticed it when he returned home.

trying said...

Hope you get good news soon. I've been down that road too and its never fun.

Buck said...

It sounds like "things" turned out for the best. I certainly hope they stay that way.

Inquiries said...

I hope every thing turns out well. We have skin cancer in our family. I am a sunscreen freak! I don't want to help it along.