Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Change of Habits

Last week, I decided that I needed a new swimsuit. I have a tankini that I love, but I would like to have an alternate one that has a low back that can show my tattoo. So.... I head to nearby Sport Chalet for a look. Swimsuit shopping sucks unless you're a SI swimsuit model. I realize that I've had 3 kids, and what I see in the mirror will never look like a 20 yr old again, but I decided to wait to buy another suit. At least the good memories in the Sport Chalet dressing room outweighed any depressing feelings while trying on swimsuits.
In the first days of dating Stuntman, he took me to Sport Chalet. We were heading to Catalina to go snorkeling (I don't do SCUBA like he does), and I needed to rent a wet suit. Have you ever tried on a wet suit? The first time trying one on is an interesting experience. I'm not the most coordinated person to begin with, so I had my difficulties in the dressing room. After I fell, and I mean FELL out of the saloon-style doors, Stuntman decided to help me. We laughed so hard!
Since my Adventures in Swimsuit Shopping last week, I've taken healthy eating a bit more seriously. I've hit the gym almost every day (I took off the day I detailed the RV, that was enough exercise).
I don't really want to call it a diet, that sounds temporary. Just a change in habits that I'll need to keep up for the rest of my life. Face it, I'm not 20 any longer, I can't eat whatever I want , whenever I want to, in the amount that I want. I know that "being busy" is not the same as "being active". So I need to take that up a notch. I'm hoping to buy a new swimsuit in August.


Kasey said...

I read a study that said that good habits are most easily formed if you can keep them up for 21 days. After that point, they become a more natural part of your routine.

I know how you feel about the swimsuit thing and I am 23. Kids just really make your body not what it once was. You can do this! :)

Susan said...

good thing that the kids are worth it... I think that's why they're made so cute :)

Inquiries said...

Your wetsuit story still makes me laugh. Of course you have heard my story. Not as funny as yours!

I hear you on the swimsuits. And I am 20!

New Girl on Post said...

I never liked swimusit shopping even when I was 20! There's something about the horrible lighting and close mirros they make me feel like a blob.

Susan said...

When I was 20, I hated it as well, but I should have appreciated it when I had a chance!

trying said...

good for you for changing you habits and making new ones. Swimsuit shopping prompted me to do the same!

I need to step up the excersise but hey one at a time!

Buck said...

Good luck on changing your habits, Susan, and I mean that straight-up... NO sarcasm.

I haven't changed any of my habits solely on account of aging; I'm in a space where I can still eat what I want whenever I want, and I still don't/can't gain any weight. It's the genes, I'm sure of it.