Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Baby Walks!

E3 walked yesterday! Across the living room, unassisted.
He’s taken a few steps before, but usually he just gets down and crawls when he wants to go somewhere. I have never seen a baby crawl so fast! That’s why he’s waiting until a good 14 months before walking.

The best part is that I was on the phone with Hubby when the monumental steps occurred. Hubby heard everyone’s excitement as it happened. I said to him “You didn’t miss it! You were able to experience E3’s first steps”
Through the phone I received “the look”. The “you really are blonde” look that Hubby has when I say or do something silly. It’s always accompanied by a sly smile.
Hubby was sad that he couldn’t see it live. I can’t imagine how horribly he must miss us. No matter how much the kids drive me crazy around here sometimes, at least we have each other.
Hubby did admit that he was glad that he heard everyone’s excitement live when E3 walked. Then I gave him “the look”.

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ABW said...

One time my husband called and had had a horrible day. He quietly reminded me "I'd take a bad day over no day at all." It definitely reminded me to treasure every moment, twice, for both of us.