Friday, August 10, 2007


My sister is in town visiting for a few days. I have barely had a chance to read the blogs that I usually do. I don't want her to find out my super-secret blogger ID. It is so silly, but she's my big and only sister. I don't know what I have to worry about, other people that I know are aware that I blog.
My sister and I are very different. We do not even look like we are related. Personalities are just as different as our appearances. Even though we haven't always gotten along, she has always been there for me when I needed her. She is one of the strongest people I know, a little weird, but strong.
Her 17 yr old daughter is also here. She is almost an adult! I remember when she was the flower girl at my wedding, boy do I feel old.
They both say that they have no idea how I am doing this on my own (the 3 kid/dog/work/house/etc. thing). I really don't know myself some times.
I'll only have my visitors for a few more days...I'm sure time will fly right by...
Sometimes I really miss having family nearby, instead of half-way across the country.
After they leave, I'll need to revert to saying "soda" instead of "pop".

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Butterfly Wife said...

My family doesn't know I blog either. And they live half of the country away too. So it is easier to keep it from them even though it is a huge part of my support system.