Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Me"' time

1 hour by myself
No kids in tow
No diaper bag
Music on my radio station and turned up loud
The longest amount of time that I have been responsible for only myself for at least 6 months
I enjoyed every minute
I even fell asleep a moment...
Until the dentist’s drill woke me


Butterfly Wife said...

LOL! Good times at the dentist's office. ;-)

ilvmygi08 said...

*ROTFL!* I feel your pain! (well, not literally your pain- although I am due for a dentist visit soon.. thanks for reminding me. hehe) I love my child *I know- singular.. I bow down to you with triple the fun!* but sometimes, all I want to do is get in the car and drive around aimlessly, enjoying the countryside and playing the music extremely loud.. just every once and awhile. ;-)
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that takes advantage of the volume controls when the kids aren't in the car. hehe What's even better is being able to listen to something *besides* Kidzbop. ;-)

TripleE said...

Actually no pain really, except my jaw from holding it open so long. I just needed 4 fillings replaced from age.
I'll see if I can find a sitter when I get my hair done, now that will be fun!
I already have one lined up for when I get my tattoo :)

SB said...

ooohhh how nice, a Novacaine nap.


I love how you have that Iraq weather ticker in your profile. I would LOVE to know how you did that.

God Bless you for holding down the homefront.


Shelly said...

Sounded so good til the end..

I read below, what tattoo? Share..


TripleE said...

you can go to http://www.accuweather.com/downloadcenter.asp and find the code you need to add to your sidebar. (I got the idea from KneeDeepintheHooah)
Shelly, I'm in the midst of a mid-life crisis. I'm going in Saturday, probably just for the consult and have the actual tattoo later. Nothing that will be seen unless I want it to be :) I have no tattos now, always decided no. When I told my Hubby, he said, "wait until I get back and we'll go together", then he said "well, if I enlisted in the Army when I had my mid-life crisis, you can get a tattoo for yours" I'll post on this later, with probably a photo.

ilvmygi08 said...

Tattoo? Interesting! I, too, will be getting one sooner then later (although I already have 2, so I'm getting to be an veteran in the tattoo department. *L*) I've decided to use it as incentive in my weight loss. When I reach 30lbs lost (on top of the 20 I already have- so 50 total) I'm rewarding myself with a new tattoo. :-) Don't worry, I'm not one of those women who wants to be covered in them. *L* I just like little reminders of special (or particularly challenging *cough*deployment*cough* times in my life.) I have one on my left shoulder and one on the back of my neck.
Where do you plan on getting it and any ideas of what you want? :-)

TripleE said...

A palm tree, lower back/side/hip...not center of the back.
the palm tree represents my SoCal Hubby

Buck Pennington said...

You're a much better (read that as: braver) person than I if you can fall asleep in the dentist's chair, Triple E.

Or maybe just exhausted. ;-)

TripleE said...

exhaustion+reclining chair+Musak=sleep

ABW said...

You rcrack me up! Sometimes even a not os much fun break is a welcome reprieve from the busy life we lead! Just bring your three over and you can have a longer one, my three will keep them entertained and Junior is the king of stacking so he can climb too!