Thursday, August 16, 2007

Countdown to school!

Just a couple weeks until school starts! E1 will be in 2nd grade this year, unbelievable! E2 still has 1 year left until Kinder, but will start a Tues/Thur preschool in a couple weeks. I was on the fence regarding preschool, but she has been asking to go, so I found one that I liked and enrolled her. She's on the verge of reading now.
We made a trip to the Supercenter today with the school-supply list in hand. Our cart was filled to the brim. We stocked up on everything, not just school supplies.
My kids are unusual in stores. They listen well, are polite, and they don't ask for everything on the shelf...usually.
Today was NOT one of those days. Don't get me wrong, they weren't horrible, but there was a time that I thought of pretending that I was the "nanny" and not the mother to these 3 children with me. Luckily, by the time we reached the checkout (they were training a new associate at each checkstand!) the kiddos were back to normal. Well, except E3 was tired and had snot running out of his nose. He's cutting a couple new molars and has a little cold to boot. Not a surprise since he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, he's bound to pick up a virus or two.

I made a great find today. I purchased a small bag of Doritos Hot wing/Blue cheese flavor chips. YUM! I just need a beer and they would be a complete meal.


ABW said...

We are counting down the days till school starts here. I have two that are school age and one that will still be my sidekick for a little while longer.

My girls both went to preschool and loved it. When the children are at school I keep the tv off and just enjoy the peace and quiet!

TripleE said...

peace and quiet...what is that again?