Monday, August 6, 2007


What I have said today:

-“Don’t run over your brother!”
not as bad as it sounds, it was a toy car

-“dagnabbit! what dog ate the crayon?!”
said when I found a bright pink poo in the backyard. The washable Crayolas dissolve; the regular ones are speckled on the way out. This must have been a washable one.
Yes, I thought I was Yosemite Sam for a moment

-“maybe they don’t like you very much either”
a reply to M2’s statement that she hated raisins

-“who wants a cookie?”
put this one in the “duh” category

-“get down monkey-boy”
E3’s a climber

-“oh crap, I smell smoke”
I live in what the insurance company calls the “fire belt”, smoke smell outside worries me, especially when it’s breezy outside like today. No fire today, the smell dissipated.

all this before noon…
it’s Monday, what’s new?


Butterfly Wife said...

those are funny! I would laugh my ass off if I saw bright pink poo in my backyard. And that would be from my Moo.

TripleE said...

After "dagnabbit" came out of my mouth, I had the idea for this post.
A while back there was a bright blue one. It took me a while to figure out how it happened:)

Marine Wife said... poo...I'm thinking just another reason not to get a dog...