Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Positive Side-Effect

A friend told me something interesting this weekend. She said “_____ being gone has really helped a lot of people he doesn’t realize”. She went on to say that since Hubby’s been gone, she has a greater appreciation for what she has and that she’s not the only one with this new-found appreciation.
All of my friends are civilians, and I’m the only woman they know that has to deal with a husband’s deployment.
When her husband returns home from work each afternoon, she has a great relief when she can have a few-minute break from the kids. Every day she remembers that I’m in the middle of a year-long hiatus from that sense of relief.
When her hubby snuggled up against her at night recently, her immediate response was “get away, it’s too hot”. Then she thought of me, and how I would love to have my hubby snuggling with me right at that moment.
Her husband was no longer going to be taken for granted she said. (I didn’t think he was, but I guess any marriage can improve)
I never thought of this deployment affecting others in this way, but I’m glad that it has.


Shelly said...

I am glad that you have received positive effects from your husbands deployement. I'm with your friend, I definitely appreciate my husband more. I also tell friends when they are complaining about their teens, to appreciate them while they are close and safe...

Butterfly Wife said...

Can I have your friend too? I swear sometimes, even as I talk about this all the time (it seems like) people around me day in, day out just don't get it.

mel said...

I know exactly what you mean.

...Only I don't have friends as smart as you do...

Mine would complain about how much they missed their boyfriends (He's been gone 3 days now, Mel... Wah!)

All the while Jim had been gone 5 months at the time. (Deployed)

Some people just don't get it!
-Praying for you!-

TripleE said...

Yes, I am very grateful for my friends. Most of them get it.