Thursday, August 30, 2007

The distant thunder...

I laid in bed last night (4:30 am), and listened to the thunder. Yes…thunder. Something I miss about the Midwest. I don’t think it rained, there was no evidence of it in the morning.
As I laid there, my mind wandered.
I thought of:

Roxie, my baby dog, and how well her diet is going. Thanks to Butterfly Wife's suggestionto replace ½ of her food with vegetables. Even Hubby commented that she had a ribcage in the latest pictures we sent.

School is almost here! Uniforms are bought, washed, and ready to go. A few uniforms from last year are waiting on the sewing machine for repair. I didn’t think I would make it through the summer. In my mind, I’m breaking-up this deployment into manageable parts. Summer is now over…and then the school year…and then he should be home!

I’m so glad that crayons are non-toxic. E3 is obsessed with them. His sisters LOVE to color and seem to always let one Crayola roll onto the floor. I told Hubby that he should be proud of his son. He is very mechanically-inclined. He laughs at any baby-proofing that I attempt.

We sent 2 flat-rate boxes to Hubby yesterday. One was filled with cookies. His one weakness. He can eat 2 dozen in one sitting, but yet never gains a pound. Maybe if I ate 2 dozen instead of just one, it would work for me too.

Made it to the gym yesterday. I hadn’t been there for a few weeks. First, the kids were sick (read=can’t go to gym daycare)…then I was sick…then the kids were sick again…then I was lazy. It felt really good to go, and I was there 45 minutes and the daycare staff didn’t page me! Is this a new trend? Usually I’m 30 minutes into my workout and E3 is screaming for me. Now he plays nicely, although he keeps the staff busy. Everything imaginable is put up because he stacks things so he can climb. Pretty soon he’ll be fashioning his own parachute and jumping off of the roof…just like his Daddy.


Dear Prudence said...

Dear TripleE, I found your blog while clicking the "next blog" button. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, your husband and your family for your sacrifices for our country. I am a signle mom of 3 kids, 2 dogs and 10 cats and have been since 1994. It is a struggle everyday to be the only one in charge but you can do it! We women are created stronger than even we know just for these times.
Again, thank you both!

Shelly said...

Let me know on the 2 dozen cookie thing...I gain just looking and smelling them..
Good for you on the working out.. I have felt better since I started.

I am laughing at the parachute idea.


Army Wife said...

good luck with the are braver than I am. I have refused to let DH get one. Because we all know eventually I would be picking up dog poop out of the yard.

oh and good luck at the commissary!!

The case lot sale is when you can buy like a case of paper towels, juice, soap etc, for very reasonable.

TripleE said...

Dear Prudence, thank you. I visited you at your site, adorable doggie! I've used the "next blog" button before, but came across a few things I wish I hadn't :)
E3 sure keeps me running, maybe it's a boy thing, or maybe because I'm older than I was with the other 2.

TripleE said...

AW-we adopted a dog each year we didn't get pregnant. We stopped after 4 dogs. Now the 3 dogs leave a lot of poop, and I'm the one to pick it up. Next time I'm getting smaller dogs. They sure are a comfort for me though.
I'm sure I'll post about my commissary visit. I've only been on one other base a handful of times and it didn't have a commissary. Thanks for your advice!