Friday, August 31, 2007

A Good Surprise

I had a comment on yesterday’s post that I kept thinking of all day. You can scroll down and read it here. It was from someone that happened by my blog by chance, not someone that has a military connection and linked to me from another mil-spouse site like most of my visitors.
Most of the time it seems like the majority of the people we meet, just don’t “get it”. Butterfly Wife had a great post recently on this topic.
Yesterday, my new visitor basically said “Thanks”.
And that says it all.


ilvmygi08 said...

Wow- it never fails to amaze me when people go out of their way like that.. that's phenominal. :-)
RYC: *ROTFL!* I bow down! When my daughter was born, I couldn't multi-task worth a darn. I've slowly learned.. I suppose after 3, you're pretty well versed in doing 12 things at once. :-)

Butterfly Wife said...

Very nice. And thanks for the linkage. :D

A soldier's wife..... said...

What a wonderful thing for them to often people forget that our lives are full of those doing exactly what we do each day of our lives. When someone comes along out of the blue and takes that extra step to show us their heartfelt gratitude, we are often taken back by it.

It does not take a grand gesture to show you that you think of our military and their families, that you actually care. That simple "thank you" can sometimes mean the difference in someone's life, often bringing a a smile to a worried face, warmth to a heart that feels cold or the knowledge that are not as alone as they think they are......

Yes, a very good surprise indeed.... =)

ABW said...

Wow, so glad that she stopped by. I hope she realizes what a few words like that can mean to someone at the end of a long day.

Claire said...

That is awesome, and it does mean so much when someone takes a moment to stop and say "thanks!"