Thursday, January 24, 2008


36 degrees... that's what is was when I awoke today.
Just a little lower and we would have had snow here... instead, it just missed us.
Still, the mountains above Los Angeles are beautiful today. Above, is a photo from my window.
It didn't really feel very cold outside... maybe I'm not as much of a weather wimp as I thought.


Buck said...

Subtract ten degrees and you have our temp on The High we speak. Snow, too. Good day to be indoors.

Ann M. said...

Awesome picture, thank you for posting it... Stay warm, it's almost as cold where you are as it is on the east coast!

Rosie said...

Hi TripleE,

I'm a lurker at Jan's blog and SpouseBuzz and came across your blog. I was excited to find out you're from the Los Angeles area. My husband is deployed with the California National Guard...has been gone for almost 11 months. Good to know there are others like me around here :)

TripleE said...

Rosie... sound very familiar. Stuntman has been gone about the same amount of time... they're probably there together :)