Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a beautiful day

We had a wonderful beach day.

After church, we went to bachelor-brother-in-law's house by the beach. Every time we go to the beach, we think of flying a kite, but we never have one! So a couple weeks ago, I bought two at Sam's Club. One is a butterfly, and the other is a helicopter. The rotors on the helicopter spin when it is airborne... pretty cool.

We spent most of the weekend out of the house now that we are feeling better. It's great to see that the house doesn't get as messy when we're not home 24/7! ... but still laundry to do.

I have reached the bottom of my stack (sometimes 2 feet thick) of work to do for my paying job. Don't know what I'll do this evening after the kids go to bed. Last night I fell asleep at 8 pm.... and awoke a 6:00 am. I guess I needed a catch-up night.
A bunch of work will be coming tomorrow, so I'll enjoy it while I can.

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Vypergirl said...

That sounds like a great day. I hope to get to go to the beach this summer sometime!