Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another day

The day started off very promising…
We awoke ½ hour later than usual, at 7am… that means we had an entire 3 hours before mass, so we could have a relaxing morning and get ready slowly.

E1 has almost finished her science fair project and worked on it some more before we went to church.
Once we arrived at church… I knew that I had my work cut out for me. The girls seemed to be in the mood to behave well, but E3… an entire different story. He fussed, and babbled loudly… and tried to run for the door a few times… and threw his sippy cup at a nun. I thought it might be time to go so that others could hear the priest. So I left… I hadn’t done that before.

I went to Sears and returned a Christmas gift; a back massager that caused more pain than it relieved. E3 was a handful in the store, but I was able to chase him down and accomplish my mission. $108 Sears gift card in my pocket. The massager had been in the back of the car for a month.

After visiting SIL and BIL and me pissing off SIL, we went home.

I watched the Packers lose… not what I wanted, but after how they played the second half, they didn’t deserve to win.

The kids are asleep… my desk is empty, the dishes are clean, laundry is done… I’m off to take a bubble bath.


Guard Wife said...

Oooo, hey. I pissed off my sister-in-law LAST weekend. Must be going around.

Hope you enjoyed your bubble bath!!

trying said...

I hope your bubble bath helped to ease the pain of the packers loss. sorry that was a low blow!

I gotta say it wasnt really a great second half for either team. And goodness didnt it just look INSANELY cold there?

Buck said...

All's well that end's well, eh?

Is there such a thing as a "bubble shower?" If there is...I need one!

(coz I don't have a tub...) ;-)