Saturday, January 26, 2008

A reprieve

A break from the rain today...
I love the rain... I love the smell of the rain... how it cleans everything... and that I can turn off my sprinklers and save a few $$.

It was warm and sunny today. The kids played outside for most of the day... looking for treasure in the back yard... following the dog trails that lead up and around the hills... playing in the sand box that was half full of water... just being kids.
I did a bit of tree trimming, but not much. I cleaned the pool... it was pretty dirty. No one will swim in it for months, but I still have to look at it!
In the morning, we went to a couple stores to pick up a few things. I use to be so proud of how my children behaved in stores... no begging, acted politely, stayed close to me... etc.. I have no idea what children have been going out in public with me lately. The ones that cause complete strangers to give the mother a look of disappointment. I think E3 has convinced his sisters that behaving like an angel in public is overrated. He starts it... and they follow. I can see why he was made extra cute. He needs it.
I'm ordering as much online as possible from now on... I hope this is a phase.

For dinner, I made burgers on the grill. Mmmm. I hadn't used the grill for many months. I wanted to make sure that it was working properly so I can use it when Stuntman is home on leave. I know, he's not home for almost a month, but I'm trying not to leave everything until the last minute. I plan to make steaks a couple times when he's home... did I ever mention that I make an awesome steak?

The rain began again just as I was taking the burgers off of the grill.
I love the sound of the rain.

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