Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Wednesday?!

Time has been flying by... as opposed to how slowly it was dragging by when we were stuck in the house while we were all sick... thank you antibiotics!
I hate giving the kids antibiotics unnecessarily, for fear of creating some superbug or something, but when they're necessary, they're great!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week, 70 and sunny, who can beat that? I've been listening to the weather in my hometown... Brrrr, 3 below! ... to think I would go outside in weather like that before, and not really mind it... boggles the mind... but someday, I'm sure I'll do it again.

I've been on the phone scheduling follow-up doctor appointments and a haircut for E3. His hair has a mind of it's own and needs a trim. I would like to get him a little high and tight... we'll see.

Just noticed a 3 day weekend is ahead... I'm sure we'll find something to do.

I'm in the middle of baking big, chewy , chocolate chip cookies for Stuntman... he's getting skinny. I told him that I read somewhere that the average soldier gains 10 pounds during deployment to Iraq... he laughed and said that he thinks there must just be some that up the average on that statistic.


Lindsay aka Corn said...

Mine LOST 50 pounds over the year he was there. People don't even recognize him anymore! Granted, he'll admit he was a little "fluffy" before deployment but still!

If it weren't for all the yelling and running, I might have to think about joining just for the weightloss factor!

Buck said...

Wow...I envy you your weather, TripleE. We have a front moving in... the wind is up, the temp is down ( a forecasted high of just 36 degrees) and the forecast is for the low, low 'teens this evening, with single-digit temps a strong possibility.


trying said...

Lucky guy getting yummy cookies... of course he is in Iraq so I guess its a wash! Mine lost weight too everytime he's been over there. He said its the best way to get in shape and diet! Seems extreme to me.... : )

TripleE said...

Stuntman has never had problem keeping weight off... he eats an amazing quantity of food. Usually very healthy too, except for the occasional dozen cookies or so :)
It does seem like an extreme way to diet... I'll be sending cookies tomorrow.

wendy said...

What are your best cookie sending tips? I never mail cookies (except Soft Batch)

TripleE said...

Wendy, I couldn't find your email on you blog, so I'll answer you question here, maybe you'll come back:)
I've heard that baking small cookies and stacking them in a Pringles can works well, but I haven't tried it. Stuntman likes big chewy cookies, so I bake BIG ones, wrap each in it's own baggie or plastic wrap and surround 2 with bubble wrap. I receive a lot of bubble wrap around here from work stuff and the coffee pods I order.